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Selling and Buying a Car – Things You Need to Know

beijing-2-e1418036510146Almost everyone has a car, and people take their driving licenses long before they can afford to purchase a vehicle. However, the process of selling or buying a car is less complicated than getting the driving license, and there are some things that you need to know about it.

You’ll have to fulfill different obligations when buying or selling a car. The primary authority in this domain that can give you full information about the documents that you need is the DVLA, and through the DVLA contact number you can find out everything about it.

Let’s see some interesting things about selling or buying a vehicle.

Basic Info

Everyone has heard of SORN – the tax, and you need to know that when you purchase a vehicle, this tax doesn’t come with it.  To be able to drive the car, you’ll have to tax it first. It’s something that it’s mandatory for everyone, no matter if the car is new – from a dealer or older – from a second-hand source. Get a quote on insurance, you’ll need it for your new car, speak to Admiral customer service for a quote. You also need to have car insurance, no matter if you sell it or if you plan to buy it – without the right car insurance, nobody can drive the vehicle on public roads.

The Tax

When the time comes for taxing the vehicle, you will need to have your log book, in the case when the vehicle is registered in your name, and you will have to use the reference number made of 11 digits. If you have just got the vehicle, you will need the new keeper supplement slip – for those situations when the vehicle is not in your name – and this reference number has 12 digits. Keep in mind that under no circumstances can you use the seller’s tax reminder.

When You Sell the Car

If you sell the car or if you transfer the ownership of the vehicle, the tax – SORN – is not passed to the new owner. It doesn’t matter who buys the car or who gets the ownership because the law is the same for everyone.

If you do this, you’ll have to use the DVLA contact number and notify them about it. In case you forget to do this, or if you don’t report them in time, you could pay a high penalty.  When the DVLA ah-mh-learner-driverreceives your notification, they’ll issue a new log book to the new owner of the vehicle. You’ll get a tax refund through a check for the remaining period till the end of the year.

The tax refund is automatic if you have sold your car, if you have scrapped it, if you have exported it or if you have made a statutory off road notification – the SORN, meaning that you have taken the vehicle out off the road. Another situation is when you have got a vehicle that is exempt from vehicle tax – as information – this usually applies to eco cars (electric or hybrid types of vehicles).

In the end, no matter what you do, it’s important to use the DVLA contact number for getting more info from them. They’ll be able to tell you when you have to make specific notifications or what documents you need to present for registering the vehicle. As the central authority in this domain, they have everything that you need for getting relevant information about any possible situation regarding your vehicle.